On classes

This coming Monday I’ll give a presentation to parents of incoming freshmen, part of the university’s new student orientation program. I’ve done this before, even though I’m a bit unclear on what the goal of the event is. Nonetheless, I again agreed, largely because I think there’s generally a lack of dialogue between the public … Continue reading On classes


During the summer my and Eric Corwin‘s weekly group meetings (our groups meet together) depart from our usual format of presentations of our own research and brief summaries of journal articles to instead tackle some broader topic.  Last year, for example, we covered a good chunk of Introduction to Modeling for Biosciences by Barnes and Chu, … Continue reading Microcontrollers

STEM education, employment, and happiness

A colleague sent me this interesting report / survey on connections between education, employment, and contentment and disappointment among recent college graduates: Voice of the Graduate, McKinsey & Co. , which relates a bit to issues of STEM education that I wrote about earlier. The opening paragraph: There’s a paradox facing American society today. The … Continue reading STEM education, employment, and happiness

Science Literacy Program video

I’ve been heavily involved in the University of Oregon’s Science Literacy Program, which aims to improve science education for non-science-major undergraduates by designing innovative classes based on effective “active learning” methods. A student in my Fall term Scientific Revolutions class filmed a story for the campus newspaper on the Science Literacy Program, which is neat! … Continue reading Science Literacy Program video

Seminar: May 23, 2013

I’m happy to note that tomorrow’s Physics Department colloquium will feature Heinrich Jaeger from the University of Chicago, co-invited by me and Eric Corwin, who were both graduate students of Heinrich. He’s both brilliant and imaginative, with research spanning such things as making soft robots , granular materials in general, complex fluids (as in the … Continue reading Seminar: May 23, 2013