Water magic

My older son’s school (Willagillespie Elementary) had its annual “Math and Science Night” tonight, which is consistently great. This year, I was asked if I would do something for it, and I decided to present some demonstrations and activities about surface tension. Here’s something that I didn’t show, but that I did for my Physics … Continue reading Water magic


A quiz question for local readers: Where on the University of Oregon campus did I take this photo? Like most people, I tend not to notice things above me. S. (age 4) pointed out these beautiful abstract bicycles as we were wandering through campus. Who knows what other ceiling-situated art there is? Continue reading Up!


I finally finished copying CDs onto my new ipod, my beloved white-brick old one from 2003 having died a few months ago.  220 albums on one card-sized device! It boggles the mind. When I was a kid, all we had were LPs carved out of wood. Speaking of kids, here’s K. with the plug-in USB … Continue reading ipod