Water magic

2 thoughts on “Water magic”

  1. So would a Koch snowflake support infinite weight? Or could we walk on water if we wore shoes of Romanesco broccoli?

  2. Sadly, edges that are closer than the “capillary length” (about 2 mm for water) don’t separately contribute to the effective perimeter of the object, as far as being supported by surface tension goes. So much of the infinite perimeter of the snowflake wouldn’t be helpful! Still, a spindly fractal would seem like a good idea! You might like the figures in http://biomimetic.pbworks.com/f/WALKING+ON+WATER+Biolocomotion+atBush.pdf ,which are great. (In Fig. 3, the capillary length, but no fractal feet.)
    By the way: Happy Birthday!

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