10 Double the number of Computer Science majors / 20 GOTO 10

5 thoughts on “10 Double the number of Computer Science majors / 20 GOTO 10”

  1. UT Dallas, when I was still there around 2018, started their undergrad data science program joint with physics (for just an exemplar of how that might look). It looks to me like currently they have expanded more into more of the natural sciences as well, https://www.utdallas.edu/fact-sheets/nsm/bs-data-science-nsm/.

    The business school and the social science school have their own masters of data science program IIRC, but no undergrad. The social science program did not even make any new curriculum, just collected different courses already offered to create the new masters degree.

  2. Well done. I like your artwork, and I loved your book. Drawings help me think, and it really adds value to your work.
    I noticed the exponential increase in administrators over my 47 years of teaching at a health science center. I resented loosing faculty, while the administrative and legal departments flourished. Now, I understand the impact of burgeoning regulations, uncertain budgets, student accommodations, policy changes, and never ending legal threats. However; teaching and learning are suffering.

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