Majors at [Your Ad Here] U. of Oregon, 2011-2021

4 thoughts on “Majors at [Your Ad Here] U. of Oregon, 2011-2021”

  1. Very nice graphs. Your choice of colors and shapes for symbols made them easy to differentiate. It would be fun to animate the graphs to see rates of change. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. A few other thoughts on Journalism:
    1) UO’s J School is in the top 10% nationally. Maybe that ranking has changed over time, and coupled with UO being a state school (and inexpensive for some by comparison to other options?), this draws a crowd?
    2) The J School has a new (well, newly rebranded) center for Science Communication Research, and a new minor in science communication. They are looking for collaborators across campus from all disciplines ( You could do something about the dismal state of science/math literacy in journalism! I took a science communication course with them in grad school, and was glad for the cross-disciplinary perspective on what constitutes science literacy.
    3) I myself wanted to be a journalist in middle school, and I consider it a noble profession (advertising, not so much). It’s also been widely portrayed as an industry in decline / under attack, and in need of saving by more paid subscribers. If you calculate journalism separately from Advertising / PR, does it have such a striking increase? Or is Advertising / PR driving the growth?

    1. All great points! (1) I wonder how much students are influenced by measures like this — I really don’t know. (2) Yes, I’m a member of the Center for Science Communication Research, and I hope that this leads to some interesting activity! (3) Journalism alone at UO has a +3.2 % increase per year compared to -3.2 +/- 7.5 for all R1s — about half the value than if we include advertising, etc., but still surprisingly large. (And the opposite sign of most universities!)

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