Preprint: “The Physics of Life”

For a while I’ve thought I should write up a paper on my biophysics-for-non-science-majors course, just to document what its motivations are and how I’ve approached teaching it, in case it helps spur others to create similar courses. I’ve finally done this; a pre-print is on arXiv here: (“The Physics of Life,” an undergraduate … Continue reading Preprint: “The Physics of Life”

Readings in Biophysics, part III (Popular Science)

I’ll conclude a three-part series of posts on useful or interesting readings in biophysics with the shortest list: popular science books. I’ve often thought it unfortunate that there aren’t more books for the general public on biophysics.  The physics underlying the squeezing of DNA into viruses, the crawling through tissues of patrolling immune cells, the … Continue reading Readings in Biophysics, part III (Popular Science)