ChatGPT takes my Energy and the Environment final exam

3 thoughts on “ChatGPT takes my Energy and the Environment final exam”

  1. Fabulous experiment! If I have time, I’ll try the same thing with a selection of my final exam questions. I like the idea of using it to better calibrate our question banks.

    A useful application for me (as a person who writes their own questions) would be if a tool like this could actually parse the Canvas question bank format, identify “versionable” questions, and generate plausible versions which I then review and either reject or accept into the bank. I have some GEs helping me with this currently, but I’d rather them be able to do more new question drafting and less versioning. In general question bank management within Canvas is tedious and onerous and I’m not aware of any cross-platform external tools that are of any use. Can LLMs come to the rescue?

    I’m intrigued by the interactive textbook idea, too. In addition to engaging in Q&A , what if it could also generate practice problems on demand, so that a student could practice with concepts as they read (or after they fail a quiz on that topic)?

    First, however, these tools have to stop making things up.

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