Welcome to Biophysics! — A “Resource Letter”

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Biophysics! — A “Resource Letter””

  1. Looks like a vast topic to cover in one resource letter! Don’t forget about molecular motors – perhaps they fit in to your proteins section, though if that’s focused on structure, add another section for nanoscale motility?

    1. Yes, molecular motors will be there! This is one of the parts where I haven’t decided what references I’ll insert. Possibilities: a 2010 theory review from Astumian, a 2001 “The Physics of Molecular Motors” review from Bustamante and others, some Kinosita group paper on ATP synthase. None of these are really what I want, though — something that describes various proteins (and their cellular context), the relevant physics, and (ideally) how they’re studied. Ideas?

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