What’s the big idea? Science!

4 thoughts on “What’s the big idea? Science!”

  1. I love the spirit and wholeheartedly agree that changing the structure of science can help scientific progress enormously. That there are not much details is in the nature of this first application round, however like many other proposal for a better scientific system, what is missing is ideas on how to make the change happen.

    I would personally expect we would first need to break the power of the publishing industry, who are at the basis of our reward system, but do not care about scientific progress. However, they will not go gently into that good night.

    1. Thanks! About “what is missing is ideas on how to make the change happen.” This was largely intentional, both because space was very short, but more importantly because I think what they’re looking for are the *targets* of what we should be aiming for, rather than the answers of how to get to those targets. (For example, “curing cancer” as a “big idea,” rather than “here’s how we’ll cure cancer.”)

    2. Quite right – the publishing system is imperfect. Moreover, it brakes science. So, A. Einstein said more than 100 years ago that in the world there is nothing, except energy. However the physics looks for particles of which matter consists that is accepted as the modern direction in physics. At the same time to the physicist does not interest at all that the mankind lives in the ocean of energy which calls geopathogenic radiations which influence how long scientists established, Moreover, on the Internet some speak that these radiations do not exist. But we established the reason for which Earth and also any equipment generates this energy which is waves of quantum energy. And physicists do not know of origin of these waves because physical magazines do not adopt my articles because they do not correspond to the modern direction of researches in physics.
      It caused lack of standards on restriction them in the equipment which development caused that the equipment unprecedentedly pollutes the environment. Therefore in 2003 Earth and the Sun were occupied by a life form in the form of the quantum field which exhausts quantum energy from the equipment and also from matter of Earth, the person and the Sun. It causes change of parameters of matter of which the person consists that is fraught with a lethal outcome. Because of a suction of energy from matter of the Sun, it lost activity. Moreover, its crown began to generate waves of high-temperature heat. These waves are also the reason of wildfires. But worst of all the fact that as a result of a suction of energy, the Sun, as well as the person, can die, and with it and all mankind.
      This situation it was possible it is allowed to eliminate if editorial boards of physical magazines did not take excessive care of grants for physicists. And now it is unknown, than everything will end for life on Earth.

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