The 500 million dollar question

15 thoughts on “The 500 million dollar question”

  1. 1. I think the Knights accidentally gave the $500,000,000 to UO (University of Oregon) when they really meant OU (Oakland University). Please get that corrected ASAP.

    2. I was hoping for a painting, not a photo, of a nutria.

    3. The wisest thing you said in this post is “Hire strange people, working on odd things.” Seriously.

  2. UO should establish a School of Biological and Biomedical Engineering based out of the Knight Campus. It would be a small school and at first would mainly focus on graduate students and post-docs. OHSU (and maybe even OSU) should also set up a lab on the Knight Campus grounds. A mini-hospital/clinic would be cool too, but might be too expensive. UO can partner with OHSU and OSU to offer joint degrees.

    In the perfect world I would use the money to set up a more traditional college of engineering.

    1. Aside from the medical materials, microbiome, neuro-engineering, computational research, I would like UO to focus on the important but neglected field of dizziness and balance disorders.

      “Jonsson et al (2004) found that the overall prevalence of balance problems at age 70 was 36% (women) and 29% (men). Balance symptoms were more common among women than men, and increased with increasing age. At ages 88-90 years the corresponding values were 51-45%.”

      “Dizziness or loss of balance is the second most common complaint heard in doctors’ offices. National Institute of Health statistics indicate that dizziness will occur in 70% of the nation’s population at sometime in their lives.”

      Dizziness and balance disorders surely result in tens of billions of dollars in lost productivity each year.

      Sadly this field is not an existing strength here.

  3. The Knight Campus should be an interdisciplinary structure with emphasis on complexity and symmetry at all scales of behavior (from galaxies to bacteria) anchored in a strong computational and simulation framework. And more than a token revolution of a humanist is needed; we need several.

    But what do dogs know …

    1. Hi Dog; So you intend to transport the SANTA FE INSTITUTE [ for the study of complexity] to Eugene?; they [ we]would love to get that kind of endowment. your theme is … breath taking, but after reading the Knight Campus on-line literature it seems like the ‘UO INSTITUTE for the study of complexity’ is really to be devoted to commercial products; aka an Engineering School[ Bioengineering] in disguise . So my suggestion about conservation biology is also a non-starter.
      funny, but before reading that literature, I thought of suggesting something like your suggestion. Mine was the CSS, Center for the Study of Scaling. This would interest your provost, since Banavar does that in exactly the spirit of the Knight Campus. But no commercial products are accelerated in CSS.

      1. Yes study of scaling and symmetry is similar. Also, I still don’t know what accelerated scientific impact actually means. I guess create our own asteroid and launch it …

    2. campus for Accelerated impact ?…..probably a linguistic device to avoid saying engineering , a term that must not be uttered at UO. SFI is well known for many things in Complexity, and its scaling rules in biology are at the top of accomplishments. just ask Banavar.

  4. Is the Knight campus threatening the habitat of the exotic and highly endangered nutria? I haven’t seen an environmental impact report that assesses this, so I suspect it is being covered up. Will future Knight researchers see from the corner of their eyes glimpses of the soon-to-be extinct nutria’s orange teeth as they work late at night?

      1. No I think the screenplay is already written and hidden from us by the small number of writers involved.

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