On Elephants, Oregon, Science, and Art

4 thoughts on “On Elephants, Oregon, Science, and Art”

  1. Three cheers for Tusko! I like the “half elephant” idea; it would leave one femur available for Physics of Life without having to dismantle an entire display. Tell the powers that be at your university that people from all over the United States are lobbying in support of Tusko.

  2. An incredible, yet profoundly sad, story of an innocent elephant. I learned so very much about Tusko ! I am profoundly struck by the incredible care of Tusko’s skeletal remains versus how he was treated most of his living life.

    I think this a great and poignant story for everyone in the world, especially today; with wide paintbrush strokes of people/professions being so marginalized.

    This story I most likely would have never read; as I was looking for the answer to how long an elephant’s femur is, as the orthopedic doctor/group I go to has a challenge question about how many elephant’s femurs would it take…….
    Still have not found the answer, but am so grateful to have read your article! I learned a lot, thank you from Saint Oaul, MN

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