Muskrats, Arts and Crafts

5 thoughts on “Muskrats, Arts and Crafts”

    1. Good find! I’m not sure I want to spend $20 on the book, though. According to my library search engine, the book is in a library in Quedlinburg, Germany (and nowhere else it knows of) — if I’m ever in the neighborhood, I’ll check it out!
      Poking around a bit, I looked at UC Berkeley’s catalog, and it looks like they have it:
      It’s more likely that I’ll visit there…

  1. “Escape from a farm” seems to be a theme for semi-aquatic rodents. Our local nutria also are escapees from a faux-beaver farm.

    Since I am not a computer scientist, I am always impressed by algorithms (like a contour filler) since they seem to work almost magically. My approach would be to place a square randomly (maybe) and expand it until it touches a contour or another square. It gets its own color until it touches a square of a pre-existing color, in which case it flips. Do this many many times until every spot has been tested. Then calculate the area of all the squares of a particular color.

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