Science Sketches and Café Cartoons

5 thoughts on “Science Sketches and Café Cartoons”

  1. Thanks for the annotation. Definitely the people I meet there have said the wall is cool, but I wished I could have pointed out a few details with more authority. And if you turn around, the sunscreen represents marker densities in the zebrafish genome from a Postlethwait paper.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of the sunscreen! I’ve added a brief note about it to the post. This was in part your doing, right? Maybe you could write a longer comment about it? That way at least the ten people who read this can be enlightened…

      1. It was based on this paper from John Postlethwait Centromere-Linkage Analysis and Consolidation of the Zebrafish Genetic Map
        S. L. Johnson, M. A. Gates, M. Johnson, W. S. Talbot, S. Horne, K. Baik, S. Rude, J. R. Wong, and J. H. Postlethwait

        Figure 2 shows all the markers they developed. I converted that into 3 densities (highest for the centromere, second for clusters of markers, third for low density of markers) and they turned that into a sunscreen with each vertical panel being a linkage group. My only complaint is that they have an outline around each section (probably for structural reasons) and I would have liked it to be less distinct.

  2. FYI, there IS a small sign which says this is stuff faculty and staff contributed. It’s just not affixed to the yellow wall itself. You can just make it out in the first photo, on the white wall behind/above the tall table and chairs. Producing some kind of legend is of interest to me, though, for folks who might like to know what is where.

  3. I like the update “there is an informational placard next to the artwork!” as that is perhaps the first sentence in history to contain the phrase ‘informational placard’ that ends in an exclamation point.

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