Sasquatch is an alien! (A proof in three graphs)

2 thoughts on “Sasquatch is an alien! (A proof in three graphs)”

  1. Good stuff! But the best correlation would be to cell phone coverage, I think, since overall sightings have fallen as carrying a cell phone has increased (the thought being that you no longer can just gesticulate wildly while saying ‘I saw a UFO’ if you have a camera on you). But areas outside of cell phone coverage can keep on “spotting” UFOs to their heart’s content.

    1. Good point! (It reminds me of ). I have another theory, though, that the manufacture of cell phones and cameras requires rare metals from UFOs, fine hairs from baby Sasquatches, and bodily fluids from Loch Ness Monsters, so that secretly, high tech companies hunt down the last of these rare, tragic creatures, explaining their increasing rarity.

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