Stop, thieves!

3 thoughts on “Stop, thieves!”

  1. Small comfort for this outrage, but I do think there must be a separate circle of Hell for flagrant plagiarists where they have to witness their most precious belongings being stollen from them again and again.

  2. Wow! This is almost unbelievable. I hope there are some serious consequences for these evil thiefs. This is really sad…

  3. People do have to be really careful of thier work. I had to drop a course because someone I was helping stole a substantial amount of my work, just stepping out of the room never to return, and he turned it in as his own. It happened to my husband during a group project in his final semester of his PhD…everyone submitted thier part to one of the group members, a married woman that we had socialized with, and she just disappeared…they all had to take an Incomplete for the course. Perhaps documenting lectures, having lecture schedules signed by heads of department or something would give evidence of your work preceding thiers. Throughout history, you often see discoveries happening at the same time…it makes one wonder whether there was copying afoot, or whether previous events led tpeople in the same direction. Tesla knew that Marconi patented many of his inventions.

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