“So Simple A Beginning,” A Popular Science Book about Biophysics

There’s almost nothing new in this post, but descriptions of my upcoming (early 2022) general-audience book on biophysics are scattered across multiple blog posts, in some cases with outdated information like old versions of the title. Since it’s useful to have one definitive post to point to, here it is. So Simple a Beginning: How … Continue reading “So Simple A Beginning,” A Popular Science Book about Biophysics

Book draft done!

On July 4, I finished a draft of the fourth and final part of Building Life, my popular-science book on biophysics. There’s still a lot to revise, based in part on comments from my editor and others on Parts 1-3 and, I’m sure, comments to come on Part 4, but nonetheless I’m delighted to say … Continue reading Book draft done!

Readings in Biophysics, part III (Popular Science)

I’ll belatedly conclude a three-part series of posts on useful or interesting readings in biophysics with the shortest list: popular science books. I’ve often thought it unfortunate that there aren’t more books for the general public on biophysics.  The physics underlying the squeezing of DNA into viruses,the crawling through tissues of patrolling immune cells, the … Continue reading Readings in Biophysics, part III (Popular Science)

Favorite Popular Science Books

Inspired by a conversation yesterday, I’m posting a list of popular science books (i.e. science for the non-scientist reader) that I particularly like. Disclaimer: I don’t read lots of popular science — most of my non-fiction reading consists of travel writing. The Trouble With Testosterone: And Other Essays On The Biology Of The Human Predicament … Continue reading Favorite Popular Science Books