Watching membranes do nothing

About a new paper from my lab [1] on how membranes flow through water, featuring our shortest title ever! For many years I’ve been interested in the physical properties of cell membranes, properties determined in large part by the underlying lipid bilayer. Bilayers are remarkable materials, and my research group has measured characteristics such as … Continue reading Watching membranes do nothing

Viscosity in two dimensions

Continuing my trend of belatedly writing short descriptions of papers my group has published, this one came out in May, describing a new approach we developed for measuring the viscosity of lipid membranes: “Measuring Lipid Membrane Viscosity Using Rotational and Translational Probe Diffusion,” Tristan T. Hormel, Sarah Q. Kurihara, M. Kathleen Brennan, Matthew C. Wozniak, … Continue reading Viscosity in two dimensions