Papers as noise

2 thoughts on “Papers as noise”

  1. For what it’s worth, I have attempted to combat this by dividing and conquering among members of my research group. We each have ~3 assigned journals and report on any interesting papers from them at biweekly literature group meetings. We’ve been maintaining this over a few years. This helps and is more tenable than me searching all of the journals. However, I do miss things of interest (as the students’ interest and perception of relevance is different than mine – thought that also means I learn about papers I might have otherwise overlooked). Google Scholar is also pretty astute at picking some relevant papers from other journals. But I agree that the problem of vast literature is too much to handle!

    1. Dividing the task of keeping track of journals among the group is a good idea! Maybe I’ll try it. I don’t think it would actually save me any appreciable amount of time — having people recap their findings would, I would guess, take longer than me reading the journal contents — but it could be educational for everyone involved.

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