How to lie with scaling

2 thoughts on “How to lie with scaling”

  1. This is largely irrelevant but this brought to mind the wide-spread practice of selling vending machine and supermarket sandwiches “front-loaded” so it looks like there is a solid 2 inches of ingredients. British folk seem particularly upset about it (I like reading phrases like “incensed by the lack of chicken in his butty”):

    or this one from Taiwan (I’m not sure that would even look like a solid 2 inches):

    So… how about that lattice light sheet?

    1. Weird (the sandwiches). This is what I miss by not keeping up with “The Northern Echo” and the news of Barnard Castle.

      About the lattice light sheet — so far I’ve only read the abstract and skimmed the text, not thoroughly enough to figure out how the “lattice” differs from imposing structured illumination on a light sheet, which has been done, and which is neat. (I think it is different, but I need to stare at the paper more.) In any case, their system and their demonstrations as a whole are brilliant.

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