Branching STEMs

One thought on “Branching STEMs”

  1. Thanks for introducing the lovely graphs, Raghu – and for recognizing the importance of reimagining the PhD as a developmental phase for a diverse array of careers. Having just returned from a trip to the Bay Area with our Optical Society of America chapter, it has become clear that even the technical skills physical science PhDs develop during their research is not always central to eventual technical jobs. Instead, the companies we toured emphasized the value of problem solving, general (in contrast to narrowly specialized) technical skills, and other auxiliary skills such as communication, teamwork, and the ability to quickly learn about and work in new subjects. This sentiment was good to hear, but the problem remains of exposing physical scientists to their non-academic possibilities (we don’t always have a clear idea of what’s out there!). I’m glad that Dr. Stephanie Majewski and now you and Dr. Corwin are engaging with this problem, and I hope that your idea catches fire in the department!

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