The creation of the birds

One thought on “The creation of the birds”

  1. Bird RBCs have an elongated shape, not sure what that means. But birds have a much more efficient air flow system so maybe there is less selective pressure to have efficient blood cells.

    One interesting related story is that there is a very long gene in flies. It is so long because it has a powerful promoter that transcribes it constantly, starting from the earliest zygotic stages. But it doesn’t actually get turned into protein until later in development. The reason is that when the embryo is rapidly dividing, the gene doesn’t finish transcription because it is so long. But when the cell cycle slows, which is when it is needed, then it reaches the end.

    Also, Fritillaria meleagris has a genome size of 130 Gb and can be seen in Hendricks Park, if you want to check out one of the true losers in the battle against transposable elements.

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