The Eighteenth Elephant

2 thoughts on “The Eighteenth Elephant”

  1. We used the Indian folk story of 18th Elephant during 1981-86 to support our Development Journalism Experiment of Udayavani Kannada Daily
    (Karnataka-India) to find out the impact of daily newspaper writings on the people in villages to get involved in the Development Activities in their villages.

    We recorded every aspect of it regularly in our daily with news reports and features to find out impact & results of implementing Govt planned programs with peoples participation and regular support of Newspaper in the process.

    The process and findings of the experiment was sincerely collected with personal visits to these villages-to give coverage to their activities – published in Udayavani Daily regularly. Later, a book in English titled ” The Eighteenth Elephant” in 1990 – written by Dr. Ishwar Daitota (trained in Journalism in Univesity of Mysore-PFA of Manila Philippines and a practicing Journalist) with Dr. B.P. Sanjay – well known Teacher of Journalism from Madras.
    It was pubished by Udayavani Kannada Daily of Manipal ,Karnataka of which Mr. T. Mohandas Pai was the M.D.

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